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Adventures in Blogging

Over the past months I have starting on a very different path of activities in my career. I’m working in a company that is rapidly becoming a huge proponent open source.
Short history of my career: I’ve always been pretty capable in technology and have wound about a career that started in teaching desktop, and later, networking software. One of the companies whose software I taught, Novell, hired me as a sales engineer in September 1997, and I did that for a couple years. Then I moved into product management, where I did a lot of marketing work. Then I moved into a more traditional form of product management, and shortly thereafter quickly moved up a level into a director’s role. As responsibilities got added to the position, I soon had marketing responsibilities again. After a re-organization I found myself as a role as director of marketing for one of the key products Novell is soon bringing to market: Novell Linux Desktop.
Marketing open source software is something of a new frontier, and I don’t know whether anyone has really started to document their experience with it. So I thought it might provide people some interest to be able to see what its like and what I do.
I intend to cover a lot of different topics in this blog. Since I’m not formally trained in marketing, and the audience I would like to attract may include developers and open source enthusiasts as much as it does marketeers, I’ll explain my understanding of some marketing fundamentals. I’ll also cover some of the things I am learning about open source, mis-steps I make with the community, and what I find that works and what doesn’t. I’m also prone to conjecture, but not afraid to be wrong. So I’ll consider allowing transparency of reader comments as long as they don’t get too nasty.

We’ll see whether I stick to plan. Follow-through on personal web content has not been one of my strengths in the past. (www.reverendted.com has been down for nearly 3 years now and never got much in the way of refresh while I had it up.)



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  1. Ted,

    I had the honor of attending one your Zenworks Boot Camp classes, it might actually have been the first. I find it no surprise that you continued into roles that Novell has defined as marketing. Your major gift to me (as a senior technologist) was to help shake off the model that technology training had to be information dumps vs a mix of inspiration and application “vision” integrated with the knowledge of how to get the job done. I look forward to your revelations as a Linux junkie of long standing as well as a Novell Evangelist (Non-officially titled as I havent worked for Novell)–>

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