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Recently reader “omac” responded to “Marketing OSS versus Open Source Marketing” with the following:

…I think open source marketing has to start with a clear communication of the game plan. For NLD recently there have been several “leaks” about Novell’s code named products for release in 2006 and 2007. This stuff bores me.

I would much rather hear Novell tell us what they think they want to do with the product and solicit reponses. How can there be a community effort if you have no clear idea what Novell is up to?

To my knowledge, those “several” leaks are all from one source: Paula Rooney. But I’m guessing that what omac implies by using quotes around “leaks” is that this was something Novell deliberately slipped out through unofficial channels. That didn’t happen.

In my opinion, this Rooney’s report was really lame. Whether true or not is immaterial. What she did by publishing that is to give poeple the impression that Novell does silly things like carefully planned leaks. I personally try to work with a lot more integrity than that, as do my close colleagues.

Yes, there are things that I cannot communicate, even though I fully agree with the assertions omac makes in the second paragraph of his cited above. I’d like to see the process opened up a lot more. As I stated in the entry to which omac was responding, it takes time to socialize that kind of openness. Meanwhile, articles like Rooney’s breed mistrust between potential community advocates and the subject company, making it harder to win back lost trust once that further opening occurs.

So, I hear you, omac. Thanks for the continued readership.


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