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Wikipedia and You

For a while now, I’ve been watching Wikipedia become a richer and richer web resource. It now appears to be reachinge that tipping point where it will soon take off from being a cool geek resource to becoming one of those things that we all start using regularly.

My buddy Greg Pryzby read an entry in my personal blog and saw an entry on which I alluded to working on a project with Nat Friedman. He then asked me what it was and I told him that I couldn’t tell him. But hints are fun…especially when they tantalize without revealing answers.

So, if you have not started using Wikipedia, here are some things that I have been reading lately that may give you insight into what I have been thinking about lately. Each of them are emergent technologies that those who live a Net lifestyle should know.

This will help you to understand what wikipedia is, if you are new to wikis.
social software
I have come to feel that this is the best term for what it describes. It’s descriptive, and also conveys the proper level of sexiness
This is one I had been meaning to look up for a while. Very cool stuff…I have to try it.
this one is kind of esoteric; it’s taxonomy for folks…cute

Anyway, if you hadn’t used Wikipedia before, I hope this little excercise has opened you up to a new tool.

Now, if you really want a good read that will give you some more insight into, check out the “Replies to common objections.”


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