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Those who know me well know that I pride myself on my presentation skills. It’s my one area of confidence: give me a subject that I am passionate about and put me in front of an audience, and I’ll knock the socks off the audience.

So when this report from BrainShare came in, apparently several people let my wife know about it, thinking that I’d be upset by it. It refers to me in this sentence:

The Identity Management demo was followed by Nat Friedman and another Novell engineer from the desktop group, who came on stage to demo some of the new desktop stuff in GroupWise for both the Windows and Linux versions of the tool.

“Another engineer from the desktop group.” That’s me.

Novell has this keynote available online as a flash video.

Nat’s Friday demo’s on futures of desktop Linux showed Beagle, Tomboy, and f-spot. And then he absolutely blew the doors off the convention hall showing the capabilities of XGL on Linux. It was one of the coolest tech demos I have ever seen, and Nat tied the technology to vision and articulated his point to clearly and succintly.

It’s one thing to have a self-opinion of one’s presentation skills, but you got to know when you’ve been skunked.

I give Nat one heck of a hard time, and call him the bane of my existence. Still, it really is a privilege to be the little-known other-guy on stage.


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  1. Don’t feel too bad–you’re one of the best presenters out there still. It’s a case of 99th percentile versus 99.5th percentile.

    Perhaps it’s a compliment that the reporter thought you were an engineer?

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