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Yes! We Have No Shirts

It is rumored that at Novell’s recent BrainShare conference, Erik Dasque and Miguel de Icaza [please note how Erik got top billing to Miguel…but I’m not bitter] ended their Mono demonstrations [which, btw, rocked] by throwing out some Novell Linux Desktop t-shirts.

Apparently, the looked something like this:

I received the following email request (excerpted) from one Jon Strickland, President, Triangle Novell Users’ Group, pursuant to the Novell Linux Desktop “Decal Kits” we passed out:

I’ve also been trying to find out more details on the NLD 9 decal t-shirt I saw someone wearing in the Solutions Lab. [Ted: that was probably me.] I had been searching Google to see if anyone else had commented on the decal kits or the t-shirt and I ran across your posting on blogger.com. I noticed you mentioned working to get the decal kits offered “through some kind of online ordering system” but are there any plans to make more NLD 9 t-shirts? Our group would be willing to buy some t-shirts if we had a contact to order them through.

I guess I’d be classified a “Red Army” member trying to further the Novell cause, and part of that would be helping to build “the Cult of NLD.”

My response to this was:

Jon: Thanks for the interest. As it happens, those shirts are currently valued at about an equal cost as the same weight in cocaine. Coincidentally, under Novell’s current marketing policies, the shirts are considered to be about as legal. So, essentially, you want some contraband. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right guy. In the tradition of the trade, the first one’s free, kid. I’ll dispatch a couple shirts your way, on the q-t. [Etc., etc. –Ted]

Before you flood me with “me, too” requests, allow me to say: that deal was “first come, only served.” But far be it from me to squelch the enthusiasm my company’s most avid proponents. We’re working on a way that we will make these shirts more widely available.


One Response

  1. Outstanding. As a a member of the Revolution OS generation LINUX I think the shirts look great. The Windows logo has been burned off my IBM T41P and replaced with Novell SLinux Destop Powered by SUSE Linux logo. My morning start with Grub and my downloads never stop nor does my SLES 9 server OS. Thanks for all the great black market marketing Rev Ted. Keep the faith. With faith the size of a mustard seed…. the world will change for the best. Freedom as in free to choose and free beer as well. Rock on

    Stormin Norm–>

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