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The Truth about my Cheesy Headshot

I’ve never seen the need for having headshots. On some speaking occasions, I get asked for one, and then there’s a bunch of scrambling to figure out how to provide something.

That’s what happened for the desktop summit headshot that I have been using for this blog. The picture is almost intolerably cheesy, but out of laziness I have left it up.

To come clean about it, it’s actually a really bad photo that Jeff Allen retouched and somehow made look good. This is the original, which shows the truth: I was in an autorickshaw in Bangalore, India. I was uncomfortable and scared out of my wits. Sadly, from that disposition, I can actually look decent. (Said my wife when she saw the retouch: “Who is this beautiful man?” Said she on seeing the original: “Oh, that’s more like it….But, Jeff is really good with PhotoShop, huh?”)


2 Responses

  1. So which photo is ‘shopped?

    I think the ‘Ted as porn actor’ head shot – all makeup and fake tan – is the real one; photoshopped into a rickshaw picture for effect.

  2. Touche, Mr. Buckley. Touche!

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