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Novell Linux Desktop Decal Kits

Since Novell BrainShare in Salt Lake City, my team and I have been getting slammed with “I gotta have one!” requests for the Novell Linus Desktop Decal Kits. What started as a fun little project for BrainShare has become a full blown phenomenon.

No, not a phenomenon. That’s the wrong word. Dare I say it has become a movement?

Here’s what the kit looks like:
Oooh! Gimme!

We finally have a way to get the kits out to the people. It’s kind of retro…one of those SASE things. Click on the picture of the kit above to get the info.


3 Responses

  1. I see you are presenting a few sessions at our South African BrainShare in a few weeks time. I hope you are able to bring along some of the NLD Decal Kits for the delegates. I’ll put my hand up for one !!!

  2. MikeCTZA:
    You shall have your decal!

  3. That’s great! My envelope is in the mail. :-)–>

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