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Results of my openSUSE Positioning Suggestion

I recently posted some thoughts on Luis Villa’s critique about the openSUSE launch’s FAQ. After reading Luis’s message, I submitted some suggestions for a couple changes to how Novell positions openSUSE. (Always start with the positioning.) Greg Mancusi-Ungaro incorporated some of my suggestions, and now our positioning reads:

openSUSE is a community project, sponsored by Novell, that promotes the use of Linux everywhere.
The project provides free and easy access to the world’s most usable Linux distribution, SUSE Linux.
Through various community programs, the project opens access to the SUSE Linux development process.
Hosted at opensuse.org, the openSUSE project gives new users, enthusiasts and developers everything they need to get involved with Linux.

Greg accepted most of my suggestions outright. One item that I would have liked to see changed was to move “sponsored by Novell” to the last paragraph alongside “Hosted at opensuse.org.” But, I understand Greg’s point on keeping it in the forefront, and he clearly understands my rationale making it more of a detail about the project.

Overall, I’m pleased with the result. I feel like it describes the project more directly, with less markety, more community-oriented feel.

Thoughts? Post a reply, or email reverendted at novell.


2 Responses

  1. “most usable” – in what terms? in whose terms?

    i am not just throwing stones. i am just not sure that SuSE useability is number one. there are easier to use distros out there.

    do you mean most application support? redhat might even shade that.

    so good intentions are good intentions but that useable claim strikes me as questionable.

    if it becomes truly useable we will see more PC deployments, no?

    or did you mean server/

    hmmm… lots of questions, it seems

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