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Ah! The practical side of Firefox extensions

(Yes, my comments on this are maybe a year late…)

Although the Pornzilla extensions were brought together on a single page to optimize the browsing of pornography, they’re actually handy for a lot of other browsing. Pornzilla pulls together some of the best FF extensions available and puts them a convenient list. But, perhaps some people will be scared off by the page’s association to pornography.

It’s curious, because so much good innovation–from the initial adoption of VCR (subsequently, the DVD) to the first profitable online Internet businesses–has been driven or promoted by the pornography industry. I recall JustOn, a very cool web file sharing startup in silicon valley that my company acquired. Some called them “JustPorn” because of the main content that much of the startup’s initial userbase shared.

Sex is forfront interest for us humans, yet we still have so many complicated taboos. For example, SpreadFirefox has a whole page discussing Pornzilla, but they do not host the Pornzilla page on their own site. In fact, using search on the main Firefox site, you won’t even get a single result with “pornzilla.” I very much understand why they don’t host the page. Further, I think they’re wise not to–just look at the comments on the SpreadFirefox page.

While pornography drives a lot of cool tech innovation and adoption there’s still so much stigma that most companies see it best to avoid. Still, you can’t deny the technology advancements that the industry has produced.


P.S. On a related note, HBO recently had an enlightening documentary on the industry. It challenges its audience to look at the pornography industry differently.
P.P.S. There are staggering statistics about the economy and history of the modern pornography industry in the U.S. in Eric Schlosser’s Reefer Madness.
P.P.P.S. I am in no way advocating nor speaking against pornography in this post. I am merely exploring a point of interest about the schism between social taboos and technology advances, and how even one of the most successful open source projects to date is affected. (See, even I feel like blogging about this requires a disclaimer!)


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  1. As I keep reminding a certain co-worker – you still can’t beat good old usenet.

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