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Reader insight on my openSUSE positioning suggestions

I received the following in a reader comment to my post about openSUSE positioning.

most usable” – in what terms? in whose terms?
i am not just throwing stones. i am just not sure that SuSE useability is number one. there are easier to use distros out there.
do you mean most application support? redhat might even shade that.
so good intentions are good intentions but that useable claim strikes me as questionable.
if it becomes truly useable we will see more PC deployments, no?
or did you mean server?
hmmm… lots of questions, it seems
–jamds governor*

No worries about throwing stones. I did not take it that way. (Although I am a bit bent that you identified a piece of puffery that I totally overlooked.) “Most usable” is certainly a high-level goal of the openSUSE project. But you appropriately identify that it’s an unclear statement, and a claim that is very debatable as it reads right now. Once I looked at that part of the text, I have to admit that it’s so obvious that I’m embarrassed to have overlooked it.

I’ll discuss this with Greg.

*”jamds governor” is also known as James Governor, who is an analyst at Red Monk.


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