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    The Bungee Line was an audio podcast for web developers, covering web API's, software development, and the creation of richly interactive web applications.

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Finally having had enough of spam for porn and auto-loans in this blog’s comments, I enabled the word verification feature.

Subsequently a recent post of mine garnered a different kind of spam comment than I am used to. So, I Googled some text from the comment, and whaddaya know. I’m not so special afterall! The dude is spamming bloggers by the dozen.

Not that I think that this guy actually reads the blogs he spams, but if he ever were to read this entry: my blog is not high class. In fact, to me “high class” is a completely prententious term used by the completely classless.

Furthermore I would want him to know that it’s totally disingenuous to appeal to people’s ego in order to get them to populate his quaint little blog directory project. Cheap memetic tricks are the hallmark of spammers. ¡Que barfadero!

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