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My Latest openSUSE Contribution

Somehow I got it in my head that I want my home machine to be a host to multiple virtual machines from now on. A machine for Windows. A machine for Novell Linux Desktop. A machine for my wife. You get the idea.

And I decided to host it all on a SUSE Linux 10.0 system. Of course, SL10.0 has not been released yet, so there will be some adjusting to do.

Since XEN is not quite ready for Windows yet, I decided to implement VMware Workstation. But on new kernel versions, VMware can be a real challenge to get going. You have to assimilate a lot of stuff to get there.

So, the result is a new page on It’s my first non-marketing contribution to the openSUSE project. But now, after too much monitor-staring over the weekend, it’s time to go out and play.


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