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Operation RE: NUI update

I’m absolutely giddy about the results from the logo contest for Novell Users International (NUI).

To catch you up: we ran a community competition in order to get concept ideas for a new logo for NUI. This “involve the community” approach was well received. Several NUI members, including some of our chapter presidents, sent us emails to extol our prudence, virtue and wisdom. Okay, maybe not so much on the virtue.

At the end, we came up just shy of 5,000 community votes to select the best concept design. The winning submission, coming to us all the way from a member in Indonesia, looks kind of like this:

With the concept logo identified, we ran the logo through the brain of a sharp graphic designer*. The designer’s revision adds a substantial amount of polish, but does a great job holding to the concept. I can hardly wait to unveil
the final version.

If you’re a NUI member reading this, here’s what you can expect:

  • The NUI team is building a style guide for use of the new logo. Once that is completed, we’ll send it off to the NUI board. (We do like to show off.)
  • Next, the NUI website will get a complete overhaul. The updated site will focus on doumenting plans and strategies for finding, building and running your Novell User’s Group. We have tons of ideas on how to make this extremely cool and useful for our NUG chapters. (That’s right, here at NUI, thoughts are measured in tons.) For example, to enable our NUG chapters to share knowledge, we’re looking into implementing the site as collaborative wiki. More on these plans later…
  • We will will unveil the new logo when we launch the new NUI site. Timeline, you ask? We’re shooting for the end of February, but we are pushing up against BrainShare 2006**…so it might be a pinch.

That’s it for now. As always, you can send your thoughts, ideas and feedback to reverend -AtSymbol- novell.com

*No, not me. Far from sharp, I’m still mostly working with Crayola.
**Shameless company plug: you must go to BrainShare. But bring some extra footwear. This one’s gonna knock your socks off.


One Response

  1. Once the NUI board has given their blessing to the new logo could the local NUI chapters have access to the logo and style guide in advance of the web site launch? Our group held off on creating some apparel for our members once we learned the logo was getting a makeover. We’d like to get items in their hands in advance of BrainShare so that they can wear it while they’re there.

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