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Xgl demo at Southern California Linux Expo

Yesterday’s announcement about Xgl drove a huge amount of traffic to Novell’s web site. I heard a couple people mention that they could not download the video. It was in a lot of demand.

So, looks like a demo is in order. It’s on my list of cool stuff to show at SCALE 4x. Here’s the speakers schedule.

I’ll also speak to the minority opinion about advanced graphics not being important for Linux. Such silly dissent needs to be addressed.


P.S. Yes, jngilman, I would be happy to meet with you at the Expo.


4 Responses

  1. Just wanted to say that your presentation went great and that Xgl looks amazing. Anyways, Eric Gaumer and I had a great time with you and Jono at SCALE 4x. Keep up the good work, see you at the Desktop Summit.

    -Matt Weber

  2. Thanks, Matt. Good to meet you and Eric both. And thanks for all the insights and feeback. I noted some of your advice (on embracing .debs) in my email report about the show. See you down in San Diego in April.

  3. Ted, thank you for coming out to SCALE 4x this year. I have heard great things about your talk and look forward to hearing the recording.

    We’ll try to get it online with the slides as soon as possible.

    -ilan (ilan@socallinuxexpo.org)

  4. (/rev waxes back to California roots)
    Dude! I was totally impressed with the show you guys pulled off. I wish we had a lot more of these community-initiated user events going on throughout the world. I got way more out of your event than I have out of any LinuxWorld I have ever been to. Thanks so much for inviting me to speak down there! I’ll be happy to line up a few Novell hackers to come out and speak next year.

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