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The Prophylactic Incident

Yes…I did say something to this effect at my Socal Linux Expo presentation.

Under the version 10 release, AppArmor — which Haegar [sic] called a “prophylactic for your applications” — will create an application profile of standard commands and files based on what the application is supposed to do.

Back when the quote was still in context, I think it was couched with some apology for the comparison. It’s still really the best analogy available. AppArmor is very cool stuff.

I restate that I do not know whether Novell plans on a public beta for v10 of our enterprise Linux desktop. When asked about whether the next desktop’s were available in beta, I explained that they were not, but that the pure open source SUSE Linux 10.1 code was publicly available. I conjectured that if a public beta of enterprise desktop were to happen, it would be around or after Novell BrainShare in March. More fool me. Never postulate when there are press people about.

The one saving grace is that the reporter was wrong on other important details…such as what city she was in. The dateline claims San Diego.

By MiMi Yeh, Assistant Editor
15 Feb 2006 | SearchOpenSource.com
SAN DIEGO — Novell plans to release a beta for its Linux Desktop 10

We’ll see if I still have a job next week.


7 Responses

  1. Hello,

    My name is Brian Scott. I was at Ted’s presentation and liked the new features of NLD10, I then asked if a beta was being released, Ted’s anwser was that there was not, but some of the applications were in SuSELinux 10.1 Code like Beagle & and other features.

  2. Thanks, Brian! Nice to know someone’s got my back. 😉

  3. So, is this the reason you’re considering shutting down the blog, or is it yet something else?

  4. I was there and you were entirely clear and reasonable with what was said in the presentation – the comparison was apt and the beta comments were exactly what you said in this post. In any case, if you had actually stated any concrete plans for a public beta test of NLD10 I think you would have been mobbed, partially by myself. 😛

  5. Thank you, brother Jono!

  6. Mike askedL “So, is this the reason you’re considering shutting down the blog, or is it yet something else?”

    Oh, I got something else cooking…something very Cool involving Novell.

  7. Hey – I know what it is. It’s Very Cool!

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