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I got Gored…Al Gored.

It usually starts out with a looooong, pointless story, like the time I went down to Shelbyville

As I’ve said before, it’s good to have someone like Cap’n Dave Kearns around the Novell user community. Besides following the Novell beat day-in, day-out, Dave is perhaps one of Novell’s best historians. I use the word “best” not because he’s been covering Novell for a very long time–which he has–but because Dave has a way of remembering things, and of phrasing those rememberings, that makes reading his newsletters better than if were a mere report/analysis/update thing.

Let’s face it, if Dave were perfectly accurate in every detail of his reporting, his newsletter would have lost readership and died out long ago. But because you can occasionally factually disagree with him and have the utmost confidence in doing so, his newsletters are fun to read. Controversy is often far more interesting than straight facts. And, Dave takes the occasional correction from his readers in good grace, showing that he’s human and realizes it.

Since Dave’s readers are many of the people whom I serve–Novell technology professionals–I decided to give Dave a jumpstart on Novell Open Audio and our upcoming Cool Blogs program. (Ah, the vendor-press relationship…kind of brings a tear to the eye.) What I hadn’t bargained for was what I can only hope was an unfortunate typo.

Dave said that I started NUI:

…Novell Users International (formerly NetWare Users International), the worldwide users group that Haeger started last year.

It’s not too well-known, but Al Gore never claimed to have invented the Internet. He actually said, “created the Internet.” [Emphasis mine.] Clever campaign managers from his opposition figured out that create and invent can act as synonyms, and spun Gore’s statement. Gore had his words paraphrased and misconstrued, then stuffed back into his mouth. Today he is the butt of one of the most venerable wisecrack-referenceable stories in high tech.

Relevancy? Though my community, and my visibility in it, are much smaller than the national stage upon which Al Gore stood, my ability to serve that community lives or dies by the credibililty I have within that community. Last thing I need is to be attached wild, raving, unsubstantiated claims elevated to Messiah-Complex proportions. So, I’m feeling a bit of chagrin, if you must know.

See? You gotta love Dave’s newsletters…

NUI started in 1986. I was in high school at the time. Seriously. There’s no way I could have even thought about inventing a NUI. I was too busy wondering why girls didn’t like me.


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