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More on Prophylactics

Here’s the latest on my lecture on prophylactics from Socal Linux Expo:

  • Jan Stafford at TechTarget/SearchOpenSource was extremely cool.
    • Not looking for a correction, I sent in a note explaining to Jan that I had dropped my subscription to their newsletter, and why. I essentially said that the innacuracies in their report on my talk had made me wary of anything I might read in their newlestter.
    • Jan took this very seriously, and published a correction to the desktop 10 beta announcement part of the report.She also corrected the dateline to Los Angeles.
    • Best of all Jan made the corrections with solid integrity. She noted what corrections were made to the original article in an editor’s pre-amble comment. Well done, Jan!
    • The only down-side is that Jan removed the prophylactic quote. While I was amused by its inclusion (and more than a little paranoid that I would soon be answering to the corporate police), I did not request that part to be removed. It was fair game for publishing. I said it; the reporter caught it; so, more fool me. But I guess it’s gone-daddy-gone now.
  • When I notified Bruce Lowry, who heads up Novell’s PR team and has done tremendous work to help get officially-sanctioned blogs opened up at Novell, he laughed. After reading the articletold me that the AppArmor-prophylactic analogy was “imminently quotable.”
  • Finally, Novell Chief Marketing Officer Bill Hewitt mentioned the article to Bruce. Bruce said that Bill actually liked the quote. I had not expected that from up at the C-level, but I guess I should know better. Bill has been a major supporter of Novell’s community program. For example, he’s the primary executive sponsor of Novell Open Audio.

Thus concludes the Prophylactic Incident. SearchOpenSource made good. The “corporate cops” ended up being pretty cool about everything. And I still have a job.

I wonder if I can find a way to use The Aristocrats in a presentation at some point…


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