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Xgl with David Reveman: Coming Up on Novell Open Audio

Tuesday morning, I got to speak with David Reveman of Xgl fame. After getting off the phone, for some reason I felt like I had really not conducted an interview that let him shine. We had a pretty bad phone connection between Utah and Sweden, and I felt like it affected my ability to ask good questions. (I really beat myself up a lot when I don’t feel like I’m helping to show an engineer’s brilliance.)

After listening to it a few times, I still feel like I flubbed some of my questions. One thing definitely manages to come through, though: David is a pretty brilliant guy. At the time of the interview my brain was all wrapped up in the studio technical difficulties. So each time I listened to his replies this evening, I increasingly realized how interesting David is.

Anyway, it should be up in the Novell Open Audio channel tomorrow. As always, tell us what you think.


2 Responses

  1. Not only is that interview disturbing to you…you are disturbing to yourself since you wrote jibberish too! See the last sentence in the 2nd paragraph.

  2. Ouch, Zoop. Normally I leave my posts in their original babbling state, but that one needed some help. I added the word “realized.”

    Note to self: blog sober.

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