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UK LUG Tour, Day 1

Last night I sat in with the LugRadio boys and “helped” them concoct their next batch of madness. Light thrown upon the production of LugRadio dispels any ideas that there is some well-planned method to their madness reveals the stark truth: these are just four blokes from the British midlands who just happen do what they do very well: they make talking about Linux and open source fun and entertaining. It’s extremely cool that they have managed to make such a mark from where they are located. (In case you’re not aware, I have found that the mere name of Wolverhamptom functions as a one-word punchineline that never seems to lose it’s funny.)

When I told my friend Jeff that I was going to sit in with the guys, he was dead set that I had to take video camera of the event in order to put it online later. I’m glad I didn’t. Jono’s modest studio is rather small, especially with four men and Aq in the room.

Nat Friedman stood us up on our interview. Naturally, we slandered him liberally.

Travels with Bacon
This morning I hung out with Jono on the train discussing and re-discussing the whole open source advocacy thing. It’s great to compare notes with Jono, since he does not have any built-in predisposition for a single vendor as I do.

Innovative Idioms from Brother Bacon:
Salad Dodger = one who actively avoids proper nutrition. e.g. “Most Linux User Gourp members seem to be salad dodgers.” –Bacon, 2006


One Response

  1. “…especially with four men and Aq in the room”??

    Cheeky git!

    I was going to say that it was nice to have you sit in but, well, now you can just kiss my ring. 🙂

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