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More Sandals & Ponytails: Thoughts on FLOSS weekly

One of the people I wanted to call on my quest to find the mythical “Sandals and Ponytail set” was Google’s Chris DiBona. He is the only OSS guy I have met who actually may fit the “Sandals and Ponytail” mould. Unfortunately, I did not get around to making the call.

My friend Todd Dailey (at Apple) e-intorduced me to Chris via email, but Chris and I still don’t know each other really. I accosted him briefly before my presentation at Socal Linux Expo. Chris reacted to my sudden appearance with a confused mix of who-the-hell-are-you indifference and why-the-hell-are-bothering-me apprehension.

Note to self: Learn how to introduce myself without accosting people.

Anyhoodely-doodly, Chris finally got the Google podcast “FLOSS Weekly” online. I say “finally” with zero intent of deprecation. It took me several more months than I expected it to in order to bring Novell Open Audio to life. I just listened to the first show. It sounds like it will be an interesting tour of the tech terrain.

HOWEVER (said Ted, in a vain struggle to sound controversial), I’m still unsatisfied. What is Google’s real position on open source? I think that Novell has been pretty clear on their position. They endorse open source, but see a future that is based on a wise mixture of open source and proprietary. (To be clear, “wise” is not determined by Novell. Rather, it is determined by consumers. Businesses and individuals both will determine for themselves what their personal balance is to make a “wise” mixture. Meanwhile, Novell continues to extend its investment in people like David Reveman (Xgl), Jeremy Allison (Samba), Miguel de Icaza (Mono), and many others. Epic parentheticals are becoming my speciality. Meanwhile…) What I want to know from FLOSS is this: what’s Google’s real position on open source. Google, are you in, or are you out? Will we see future cool products like Google Earth as open source projects, or will they continue to be done as proprietary products that may be delivered for Windows only?


3 Responses

  1. Uh Ted.. I could be wrong but FLOSS isn’t a “Google” podcast. It’s part of Leo Laporte’s group of TWIT.tv podcasts. The host is Chris DiBona but as with other TWiT.tv audio podcasts Leo typically sits in on shows to help the “host” with the interviews. Leo is building a “network” of podcasts and This Week in Tech coud be considered the anchor show. Ben Goodger from Firefox is on the second episode of FLOSS.

    TWiT.TV was featured on the podcast main “page” of the iTunes Music Store. FLOSS became the ninth podcast to be added to the TWiT.TV group. http://www.twit.tv

  2. Jon:
    See? Not merely controversial, but clueless as well. Next stop for me: Fox News.

  3. Interesting bit of coversation on FLOSS 3 during the interview with CmdrTaco (Rob Malda) co-founder of SlashDot.

    Tried to make out what I could on this:

    [19:51 – CmdrTaco] Well I don’t know Skype is interesting too, but their whole API is closed off. So I don’t..
    [19:56 – Chris] Yeah
    [19:56 – Cmdr Taco] .. I don’t see how that scales.
    [19:58 – Chris] Well the thing is you know what I really love about Google Talk is just it uses Jabber. And we’ve opened up all the technology up. So..
    [20:02 – CmdrTaco] And you don’t have a Mac client.
    [20:04 – Chris] And I apologize for that yet again.
    [20:06 – CmdrTaco] And I’m gonna make you apologize for it over and over and over again.
    [20:08 – Chris] Yes.
    [20:09 – CmdrTaco] Because if you are somehow Google’s official apologetic.
    [20:11 – Chris] This isn’t about Google. This isn’t the Google podcast.
    [20:13 – CmdrTaco] Oh this is about, this is about uh…
    [20:14 – Chris] It’s not that I’m banded from talking about anything ??? or like that..
    [20:17 CmdrTaco] Is this is about Leo?
    [20:17 Chris] Yes, it’s all Leo’s fault.
    [20:19 CmdrTaco] It’s the Leo channel.
    [20:20 Chris] It’s the Leo channel.
    [20:21 CmdrTaco] We’re Leocasting.
    [20:22 Chris] We’re Leocasthing {laughter}

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