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UK LUG Tour, Day 3: Manchester, England, England

Still over here, across the Atlantic sea touring the UK Linux User Groups. Last Night, Sir Jono Bacon and I drove from Wolverhampton to Manchester.

Wires got crossed somewhere and turnout was small. Oddly, three people travelled in from elswhere (over an hour drive in both cases) to attend, which meant that a full third of the audience were not even from Manchester.

Jono presented on “Building the UberDestktop,” to much delight. I flexed my new AppArmor knowledge for the first time. I think it went quite well, but I also get the idea that most of the attendees would have liked my “Desktop Innovation” presentation even more.

Jono nags me about needing to get on the road to Wales for our presentation to Powys (pronounced Pah-Wiss) LUG. Much joking about “Twavelling to Powis in the Spwingtime” to follow.


3 Responses

  1. I’m still mulling over all the AppArmor stuff. I was expecting unashamed pimping of the latest corporate crap that we don’t need, but it’s got a lot of really interesting concepts in it. Cheers for an interesting talk, some stuff to think about and a good laugh in the Sand Bar.

  2. The wonderful Phated, who we may have mentioned in the Sand Bar after the talk, has seen photos of the event and decided that “He’s cute and has the adorablest spikey hair.” She’d like me to kidnap you, pack you in a suitcase and bring you to LUGRadio Live in July. If I promise to protect you from her (possibly by distracting her with Ade), would you mind coming along, please?

  3. jetlagjen? nice name to come home from 20 hrs of travel return time from the UK. 🙂

    I’ll probably be at LRL. No worries about Phated. Scary as she is, I know something scarier: my wife angry. 🙂 That’s why I can say four random nouns like this: Aunt Miss Bee Haven.

    I think the event’s going to be a blast. “Two days in Wolverhampton.” It sounds so exotic, how could I miss?

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