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Some new Xgl Screenshots

Xgl/Compiz Cube Rotate

My love affair with Xgl continues. Having seen Jono Bacon use a slide containing the Xgl screenshot from the Novell press release, I decided that we need some better proofs out there. So,
On the trip home from the UK LUG Tour, I decided to make some new screenshots.

I set up the cool Xgl wallpaper, inserted shameless promotion for Novell Open Audio, added a skydome background, and put an image on the top of the cube.

Also for your pleasure, some other plugins to Xgl/Compiz:

Scale before and during

And David Reveman's new Water plugin


3 Responses

  1. I love that skydome background you’re using. Where did you get it? You wouldn’t happen to still have it would you?

  2. Mboso:
    I had an online location for skydomes with several like that, but I lost the URL. I think it was one from Jakub Steiner or someone who works in the design team, but I cannot remember. It’s now long gone. 😦

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