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Gnome Search Reported Wrong

I posted this comment (no link for trackbacks) in response to Jason Brooks' article "New GNOME Does Search Right."

Mr. Brooks,
You seem to overlook that the Beagle search tool was largely driven by people at Novell. From the initial specification of requirements by many Ximian engineers, to the Mono framework that Beagle uses, to the seamless integration of search into the GNOME desktop, search has been largely lead and driven by people at Novell. Yet you cite Ubuntu and Fedora, with no mention of Novell? Proper attribution is part of the community process. Perhaps you can participate by starting with that.

–Ted Haeger


One Response

  1. I include a link to this post in my blog article titled “Bye bye Blogger”

    Ted, what will it take for you to say, “Bye bye Blogger”?

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