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Explorer Destroyer

I picked this up from Wired, Explorer Destroyer gives you some scripts to embed into your website to encourage use of Firefox a little more aggressively…

Now, whether to use it on this blog…


3 Responses

  1. Reverend Ted, long-time subscriber, first-time commenter. I know you well from your days in front of the firing squad known as the TTP.

    That said, I saw this post, and I have to admit that you really should not do that. There was a very good post and commentary on this over on Ed Bott’s blog.

    It is one thing to encourage folks to use Firefox. It is quite another to force folks to use a browser merely because you prefer it over broswer X. Additionally, if there is no other technical reason–some AJAX code or some ActiveX control–to force a browser choice, why arbitrarily sniff the user-agent string and force the user to download the browser.

    In effect, you are putting a gun to the head of your readers. I admit, I use Firefox, but I don’t think this is the correct way to promote adoption of the browser. Don’t do it!

  2. JJT:
    Of course, you are right…but I can still dream. 🙂 Even with the addition of you—putting me up to nine, count ’em, nine–I still cannot afford to lose any readers.

    If you’re wondering how I jumped from 6 to 8, I’m now counting a couple people from Novell’s legal department. (Hi, guys!)


  3. Well, not to worry, Ted. Nice to see that I am faithful reader 9. 😉

    I will keep reading, as long as NewsGator and FeedDemon keep me updated.

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