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From Birmingham to Bellingham

Last stop on this round of event and user group visits is Linuxfest Northwest 2006.

Two presentations:

  • Desktop Innovation at Novell
  • Securing Systems with Novell AppArmor

If they still have open slots, I may request to add in my wildly popular (in my mind, see?) session from the Desktop Summit, which covered how to configure and use Xgl, Beagle and Banshee.


2 Responses

  1. Hello!

    I attended your talk. I enjoyed it.

    You should talk to these guys. They claim that no one in the Linux desktop world wants to talk to them. You should give them the same demo you gave today at Linuxfest!


  2. That just shows why I should go to Linuxfest in town. Aie! I shoulda gone… I shoulda gone…

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