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End of the Road

5:00, Bellingham Airport
Eyes drooping like a Basset Hound's, I sit in the Bellingham, WA airport with that weary confusion that comes with waking far too early.

Last night I hung out at the April Brew's Day festival with a guy from Intel named Jeff, a student named Andrew, and a guy from Postgres (Pervasive) named Decibel. (Sorry, Decibel, the name "Havoc Pennington" still out-cools yours. And his is genuine. [said the "reverend."]) The four of us pretty much just yukked it up most of the night. It went a little later than I had planned on an evening before a 4:00 am wake up. How old am I again?

Anyway, this puts the last stop on a couple weeks of relentless travel.

This week I have to apply myself to getting some new editions of Novell Open Audio recorded.

I also have a meeting with my manager and Novell's CMO John Dragoon coming up this week. It's my opportunity to lay out some ideas on developing the Novell user communities program a little further. So, if you have any thoughts, please get in touch with me.


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  1. Howdy Ted! I blogged about you blogging about me on your blog on my blog! CHeck it out here you freakin’ salad dodger.

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