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More Xgl Stuff: Desktop Hexagon

Beta 11 features a couple cool things in Xgl.

First, the cube plugin is no longer constrained to four faces. Here it's a hexagon (click image to go to view options)

Also of interest is an configuration interface that Guy Lunardi has been advocating to include. I'm not sure whether it was included in beta 11 as just a test, or if it is now considered "in." It certainly makes a more friendly configuration interface compared to using gconf-editor, but it lacks some of the options.

Here's a peek at it (click the image to see all 4 pages):


5 Responses

  1. Yup, it’s part of beta 11 and it works (most of the time). The XGL stuff has come a long way fast.

  2. Why not get rid of rectangular constraints and turn the desktop into a sphere of variable size?

    Other possible cool effects come to mind like switching to a virtual machine by zooming out of the sphere and turning to another sphere…

    Or zooming _into_ the sphere in order to browse the filesystem…

  3. Even better, make a _globe_ of it, so we all can more easily remember where we put stuff. ‘Oh, that icon is somewhere in Siberia!’ 😉

  4. Funny you should mention it. I’ve thought a bit about how horizon-zooming designs might be accessible through Xgl. seems like once you have a compositing manager available, you should be able to do a lot of cool stuff with panning the desktop. I have played with some cool tools for modeling massive heirarchical taxonomies in which the focus area zooms in and boundary areas zoom way out the closer to the edge of the model they are. This works really well for biological taxonomies, and massive document archives. So, I was thinking about how it would work for a desktop workspace, but I only got as far as thinking, “Well, you’d have to give up the desktop metaphor altogether, I suppose.” I also put some thought into what it might make possible with multi-user systems. That’s when the drugs started wearing off and my thoughts turned back to the mundane.

  5. *grin* I guess we’re bound to end up with something that more or less simulates real-life object-handling as closely as possible – or more aptly, movie-life object-handling, that can, like, zoom from space into a molecule in 10 seconds… See this more longish rant: http://www.kde-forum.org/thread.php?threadid=14697

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