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Back from Vacation: Stuff to Do

vacation was good

stuff to do

    1. Make new editions of Novell Open Audio…especially on IDM3
    2. Plan some videos…
    3. Help out with inaugural meeting for a new user group in Indianapolis
    4. Synch up with the SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 team to see what's up

oh, yeah…I also need to check in with the boss to see whether I still have a job…no telling what loose ends I forgot I was leaving. Those that I do know about, I wish I didn't.


6 Responses

  1. Ted,
    Great post, great pic… please tell me that you took it at the beginning of your trip and that when you came home, you had a better tan.

    tkresler in the Novell world.

  2. Tim:

    Something about moving to Utah…you get even more white.


  3. Yeah Ted… After a week in Jamaica I expected something more than a Seattle tan. (Oh and your wife is totally out your league. How did you manage that?)

  4. Becherer:
    Dude! Don’t go tipping here off about the horrible mistake she has made! She reads this blog!! STFU, already. 🙂

  5. Muh huh huh.

    Did you wax or what Ted?

  6. Martin (EZS):
    Indeed, I have none of your hirsute papa-bear appeal. 🙂

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