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Noogies all Around!!

or…I did it all for the NUGI

NUI LogoWe launched a new Novell Users Group in Indianapolis today. That's a NUG. In Indianapolis. Hence, "NUGI."

Group co-founder Norm O’Neal is the classic die-hard community leader: so full of passion about Novell software that nothing can hold him back. Along with some of his cohorts in the Indianapolis area, Norm managed to pull over 50 people from the greater Indianapolis area. People came in from Fort Wayne, which is a bit of a drive. A couple people even came in from Kentucky.

I spoke on "Desktop Innovation at Novell" once again, showing SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10. It's a presentation I have yet to tire of. As usual, Xgl stole the show. When I present to technical users, I focus a lot of the talk on how this "desktop for basic office automation" is also designed to appeal to technical users. I show how the time has come for classic network administrators who remember how much of a hassle Linux used to be should now come back and reconsider. A lot of the stuff they want is now there.

It works. The Indianapolis gang seemed really intrigued and eager. (To my friends at Microsoft: Do not be alarmed. Be afraid. Be very afraid.)

I also got to meet the head of Indiana's school system–you know, the one that is deploying Linux for every student. Very cool. "When we first set out on the project, people thought we were crazy. Once they saw Novell Linux Desktop 9, they sort of went, 'Oh, okay.'" I paraphrase his words, of course. He agreed to talk to us on Novell Open Audio, too.

All in all, well worth the trip. Here's a link to NUGI's site.


4 Responses

  1. lol – nice linux geeks with XP on-board

  2. Uh…no. Novell geeks borrowing a training center.

  3. Ted I thougt your demo was great! I installed sled 10 RC1 this morning and am trying to get the XGL stuff working, (having a problem with nvidia card).

    I am very excited about all the sl stuff! and the XGL stuff is supper cool.


    p.s. thanks for the t-shirt and the website is http://www.nugi.org

  4. Ted, we love you man and of course we LOVE Novell Products and Services. We can’t thank you enough for flying out and educating us. We look forward to seeing you guys again.

    Norm O’Neal

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