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Wiki: Vaughan-Nichols Attacks, HKswan Defends. Film at Eleven.

Generally, Stephen J. Vaughan-Nichols does a decent job covering the OSS/Linux beat, but his recent article "Wikis Are a Waste of Time" overlooks some important details about wiki technology. Like, that a wiki is all about the community behind it. Wiki is more culture than technology.

I was all set to write a scathing and insightful rebuttal to Stephen, but then I found a response from "hkswan" that actually is insightful and appropriately non-scathing. So I call attention to it here, and sent some poor bloke that I Googled and found to have used hkswan as his handle on some random wiki out there.

I got your name from an obscure page linked from a Google search. If you are the hkswan who posted this response (http://www.eweek.com/talkback_details/0,1932,s=25992&a=178925,00.asp?m=17536) to Stephen Vaughan-Nichols' recent article on wiki, I commend your eloquence in response. You're dead on that it's implementation that makes a wiki work, not the technology.



One Response

  1. Good show Kent! Good show Ted!

    A) I would die without wikipedia (maybe not literally but a little piece of my soul would die)

    B) The Taclug wiki sucks but it is better than the crappy out of date site we had before.

    C) Ted how does someone actually get a hold of you? Drop me a line at andrew [put an @ here] becherer [put a dot here] org.

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