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    The Bungee Line was an audio podcast for web developers, covering web API's, software development, and the creation of richly interactive web applications.

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Books I Am Reading

My current reading, and recently finished books:

  • Among Orangutans: Red Apes and the Rise of Human Culture by Carel van Schaik and Perry van Duijnhoven (currently reading)
  • Electric Universe: The Shocking True Story of Electricity by David Bodanis (just finished, audio)
  • Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen (I restarted this audio on Monday after 2.5 years of putting off completing it. No, seriously!)
  • The Mind in the Cave: Consciousness and the Origins of Art by David Lewis-Williams (last month)
  • The Modern Scholar: The Enlightenment: Reason, Tolerance, and Humanity by James Schmidt (just finished, audio)
  • The Modern Scholar: Global Warming, Global Threat by Michael B. McElroy (just finished, audio)
  • Richard Dawkins: How a Scientist Changed the Way We Think by Alan Grafen and Mark Ridley (currently reading)
  • Skywatch West: The Complete Weather Guide by Richard A. Keen (currently reading)

Note that I'm not pimping these via Amazon.com. Thought about it, but I figured that it's already presumptuous enough to think that people will find my current reading interesting.

However…I'm not abouve pimping Audible.com as a good way to get your audiobooks, and to suggest that if you subscribe, please put thaeger in as having referred you. (Oh, and if you are DRM-paranoid,–strike that…DRM-averse (my thanks to Richard Fritzson for the better term)–you won't like Audible.com.)


3 Responses

  1. Instead of insulting some fraction of your readers, perhaps a significant fraction, with a term like “DRM-paranoid” why not restrain yourself and use a more neutral term like “DRM-averse”? It’s not paranoid to simply make an economic choice that you value your fair use rights more than the convenience offered by DRM enabled audio files.


  2. Richard, my DRM-averse advisor:
    I hereby accept your gentle nose-swat. You are right. It’s not really paranoia, is it? Aversion is much more the right term. Seems that my meatware lexicon served me the wrong term.

  3. How the heck did you get audible to work under Novell SuSE Linux? Are you using Wine?

    You can get your audio book fix Digital Restrictions Management free at the following fine locations:

    Project Gutenberg
    Telltale Weekly

    Derrik Story over at the O’Reilly MacDevCenter is not such a big audible fan. He is specifically not happy with their flavor of DRM.

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