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CRN: Linux Desktop vs. Vista

I'm pleased.

This article from Computer Reseller News pits SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop againt Windows Vista, and shows that while Vista may edge out SLED in some areas, becaus of Vista's 10x cost, SLED may do very well in the market.

"One of Vista's claims to fame is the enhanced feature set the product will offer, but Novell is going for a knockout with what is bundled in SUSE Linux."

Yes. Nice. But there are innaccuracies that show that maybe the test was not in-depth enough:

"While Install Software does install the software, users will be faced with the challenge of finding and running the application. No shortcuts to the executable are created, and no hints are given as to what to do next." [emphasis added]

That's odd. The main menus has a "More Applications" button that takes you to to the Application Browser. And that has this thing called "New Applications." Like so:

New Applications in Application Browser

There are some other shortcomings to the review, mostly minor, but they do make me feel that there may be similar inaccuracies regarding Vista. Those could go either way.But the general theme: Desktop Linux is finally emerging as a viable alternative to Vista for a portion of corporate desktops. And Novell is driving it. That's something I can get behind. The hackers and engineers under Eric Anderson and Nat Friedman worked long and hard on this release, and it's really something.


2 Responses

  1. I think the “clearer view” isn’t the image you meant to use.

  2. You link to the article but you left out the link to CRN TV Show #67 http://www.crn.com/video/ “Battle of the Betas: Vista versus SUSE Linux Enterprise 10”. It’s about a 10 minute video.

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