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Unexpected Interest in Main Menu

00 MDT 18-06-06 Page HitsI really didn't think there would be so much interest in the two screenshots of the GNOME Main Menu in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop that I put up yesterday.

Somehow I really thought that the extremely cool custom chameleon artwork would be the thing that the SUSE community would pick up on. Go fiigure.

Having my blog beat out Scoble's is kind of cool, even if it wasn't for work for which I am directly responsible.Beating Out Scoble


8 Responses

  1. To tell you the truth it’s nice not being #1 for once. Nice blog!

  2. Maybe your meteoric rise to the top in the WordPress.com blogs rankings will start a wave of new posts on the Cool Blogs. On your latest Novell Open Audio espisode http://www.novell.com/openaudio you and Martin said yourselves you were looking for ways to get more folks to contribute.

    So instead of writing stuff they can just throw up a few screenshots and rake in the hits. 😉

  3. I’m surprised it beat out Angelina Jolie 😉 Scoble I can understand..

  4. […] Nice work – Ted gets Dugg (or Digged..) and his traffic hits the roof. Oh – and he beats out Scoble. […]

  5. Phil:
    Apparently I inadvertently posted something interesting and controversial.

    Go figure.


  6. Jon S.: Although there is a current uptick in the number of posts on Cool Blogs, it’s more because Martin and I brought down the hammer of justice on the laggards. 🙂

  7. New Main Menu for Gnome

    I know, I know, Slackware doesn’t ship Gnome anymore. That doesn’t change the fact that lots of people still use gnome on their slackware boxes. I’ve been a long-time user of Dropline Gnome, but will probably be give Freerock Gnome …

  8. […] work – Ted gets Dugg (or Digged..) and his traffic hits the roof. Oh – and he beats out […]

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