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I am Klin-Tohn

So I says to myself, I says, "Alright, Mauricio, I'll play your silly game."

(Mauricio is one of the PlanetSUSE bloggers who apparently aspires to gas his own people.)

As it turns out I'm like…

What Famous Leader Are You?
personality tests by similarminds.com

Can somebody please tell me whether I'm upset or pleased at this news?


6 Responses

  1. Sounds like you are describing any politician, Why put Bills face there, I quite like Bill despite his antics that bought dishonour to his position. What politician isnt a chameleon? Mick http://rockwatching.wordpress.com

  2. Well, it’s not like it is Abe Lincoln, but worse politicians come to mind. I say, have a drink and celebtrate that it wasn’t any worse.

  3. Redbud: Right you are about could have been worse…
    Pat Davila of the Linux Link Tech Show is apparently something akin to Hitler.
    There’s no science in this, so it’s just good for a laugh.

  4. Hi Ted, thanks for visiting my site, Yes, I am very much interested in the protection of bats. I gather by your degree in Environmental sciences you must also have some knowledge of this subject. There are a few cavers in the Toronto Cave Group who are serious crusaders for the bats welfare. I have even gone so far as to install a bat box in my garden so as to provide some shelter. Mick http://rockwatching.wordpress.com

  5. Mick:
    Indeed. I have had all the materials and the BCI plans idling in my garage for quite some time. Too many other things on my to-do list.
    I include your link to ping you back. http://rockwatching.wordpress.com

  6. Test of Leadership?

    Web-based test: which leader are you like?

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