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In other news…Scoble has returned to the top

Alas, my 15 minutes of unexpected fame is now entering its inevitable senescence.

/me sighs wistfully.


5 Responses

  1. Hey man, why sigh, be happy coz the content is a ton better 😉

  2. QM: You make me smile. –T

  3. Even the powerful Klin-ton cannot hope to defeat the awesome force of nature that is the Scobleizer.

    You do, however, get the William F Buckley Award for best use of “senescence” by a blog not written by William F Buckley.


  4. Booyah! If only there were a William F. Buckley Award gif emblem I can put up on my blog…

  5. Well, you’re still in the top 5 and it’s been over 60 hours since the two screenshots were posted. Not to mention you’re still beating out the “All Angelina Jolie” blog! That’s gotta say something.

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