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Before my final day of GUADEC fun, I got some of that precious commodity known as…sleep.

Fresh and at-the-ready, and armed with my second mobile recorder, I sallied forth finally to obtain the interviews I was after. Mostly recovered from the previous-day’s poisoning, the various developers with whome I wanted to speak were gracious, willing and eloquent. Joe Shaw talked to me about Beagle. Jimmy Krehl talked about his work with Scott Reeves on the GNOME main menu. David Reveman spoke about what he plans next for Xgl. “The Mighty” Aaron Bockover talked about what he’s doing next in Banshee. Robert Love told about NetworkManager.

Except that somehow in the haze of jetlag, technical presentations, and late night carousing on the night I arrived, I managed to lose one of the two lapel microphones. They’re just $12 radio-shack microphones, so not having 2 or 3 spares is completely inexcusable. I should be publicly flogged. In fact, I think that my audio guy Mike is arranging something like that.

After much deliberation, I have decided to post the episodes on Novell Open Audio anyway. It was a tough decision, between professionalism and getting good information out despite the bad recording quaility. I chose to go latter route. I hope I do not suffer too much abuse. They will be posted shortly.


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