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Everyone Hates Jono Bacon

Except me.

But it could be construed that I hate Jono Bacon. See, it went kind of like this. When Jono complained that the mighty Aaron Bockover had committed code to Banshee specifically to disallow music feeds containing the letters “jono,” I mused aloud, “I wonder who could have put him up to that?” To which Jono replied with a narrowing glare, “You bastard.” I was quite satisified with my deceptive coup, figuring that it would sort itself out in due time.

Now, I find that Jono is still under the impression that I was part of some vast cabal who put Aaron up to his crime. So I’m here to set the record straight: I did not put Aaron Bockover up to his deed of inspiredly brilliant subterfuge.

Unlike the rest of you people, I do not hate Jono Bacon.

[This debate continues.]

4 Responses


  2. @Whoever wrote comment #1:
    Whoa, dude! Don’t be such a hatter. And what does deceptful mean?

  3. he is an illiterate noob who cant spell

  4. @ :
    Agreed! And so is the guy who wrote the first comment reply.

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