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Macros and Bacon

Pursuant to my last two posts, in order of earliest to latest:

Excel Macros:
The reply back from Michael Meeks about the first file submission response to my “Excel macros” post was, as expected, genuine and appreciative. One Robin Small of Fresno, California, submitted a .xls file used for tabletop gaming. Meeks’ enthusiastic reply:

“This is a great test ‑ we found a new ‘Like’ operator that we are (apparently) missing‑ which is cool; exactly the type of thing we’re looking to find & fix.”

But before saying that, he made sure to redirect the credit I had paid him to where it was actually due.

“My Virtues? It’s all Noel’s work [Noel Power] you know :‑)”

See? Gracious. And, following Michael’s fine example: Noel, I apologize for attributing your achievments to Michael. Please forgive my error.

Banshee, Hold the Bacon:
Unfortunately we must now head on over to the opposite end of the spectrum. What’s the opposite of “gracious,” anyway? How about, “Surly and ham-handed?” That about hits it on the head.

Of course, you can probably see that this is building toward Bacon’s unfortunate reply to my courageous public disclosure about how I had deceived him for a longer period of time than use in the immediate joke at hand would require. [If I ever contruct another sentence like that again, shoot me.] I even went so far as to admonish the entire world for hating him. There really ought to be some kind of medal. But alas, there is nothing of the sort, as his reply demonstrates. It reads:

“In addition to such crimes against reason, he denies his part in the grand-bacon-conspiracy (to which he has worked with Messrs Bockovich, Cooper and Nocera), and has also participated in the act of senselessly launching non-descript chunks of fruit at salad dodging GUADEC participants with orange hair. Is there no limit to the depths this man will stoop to?”

First of all, Brother Jono, I believe that the grammatically correct question is, “Is there no limit to the depths to which this man will stoop?” [ready…aim…] Secondly, what with your immediate readiness to hurl barbarous invective at the solitary person on this planet who does not actually hate you, well, it’s little wonder that everyone (except me) hates you. [fire!]

I suppose now that I have to get Aaron Bocktoverfest to testify for me.


One Response

  1. I have decided to come out and say that I do not hate Jono Bacon, but rather find him charming. As a person named Jonathan, I find Aaron’s recent coding adventures unfortunate but really funny. Though Jono really must understand that his attempts to avail himself of a reputation for poor music taste have been utter pants. Besides, Robert Love could probably tell Jono a thing or too about grace in the face of unfair criticism.

    Jonathan Lee

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