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Desktop Linux Defined: SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10

“SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 is a very capable, industrial strength desktop which is ready to take on basic desktop chores in the corporate environment, and for the price you simply cannot go wrong. Superb hardware support, ease of installation and configuration, mass deployment and profile management tools, business class applications, cutting edge visual technology, and rock solid performance make this distribution a no-brainer for business desktops around the globe.

Two thumbs up to Novell for redefining the way I look at the desktop operating system. ”

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4 Responses

  1. Have they fixed their online updates? Can you find a repository for x-86 Gnome and KDE that works?

    I have a service request in for 10.1 that was answered by putting it on “monitored” status.

    I never had a problem with SUSE before this last release. Now it is update hell.

  2. It knows to say if are necessary the 5 CD’s to install SLED 10?Thanx in advance :).

  3. gilsonzb:
    I am not sure that I understand your question correctly, but I’ll give it a shot. I believe that the preview has 5 CD’s total, and I don’t think that a DVD ISO has been released for the preview. The final version will of course have a DVD option. Until then, you do need to download all 5 CD’s to complete the install.

  4. rich:
    We had a lot of issues with the updater in 10.1. In hindsight, we see that it really should not have been released in 10.1. I have heard that the openSUSE team has posted an update that fixes a lot of what people were complaining about. You now should be able to add repositories as you need by adding them through the Installation Source module in YaST. It’s likely that there are very few SLED10 reporsitories out there, since it has not been released. SUSE Linux 10.1 repositories, like Packman, will often work. However, since there are some significant updates in GNOME, you may find it best to use external repositories only to augment the SLED10 base install rather than use it to update SLED10 components from the base install.
    Also, bear in mind that using non-Novell certified repositories is great for your personal system but will conflict with supportability on production deployments of SLED.

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