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Novell Open Audio goes to Nuremberg

Erin Quill and I are bound for the beautiful city of Nuremberg next week. We will be doing a series of interviews with various SUSE Linux engineers from Monday through Friday. If any of our Novell Open Audio listeners have suggestions on who we should talk to, please post a comment on my personal blog page for this post.

This is part of our grand tour, including the Paris Novell users group, LugRadio Live, and the SUSE Linux office in Nuremberg.

Note for Belgium- & Netherlands-based Listeners: Erin and I have been totally unsuccessful at lining up a users group meeting in or around Amsterdam or Brussels. If you have one coming up on July 26th or 27th, email me as soon as possible. We may be able to make it. [thaeger AT novell]


3 Responses

  1. Rev,

    Is your route taking you through London at all this week? The GLLUG Emergency Beer Drinking team is on hot-standby!


  2. Simon:
    No. Come on up to beautiful Wolverhampton. Do it before they drink the place dry.

  3. I’ve been trying out SLES/SLED 10 (since pre-release, and now the final release).

    Some of the applications that I was trying to install are not available on the catalogs on CD (apps like thunderbird, lighttpd…). I tried using openSUSE 10.1 YaST installation sources. Sure enough they’re available there, and installs on SLE[SD] 10; but I think they break LSB compliance or introduce other glitches… and strictly speaking, they aren’t packaged for SLE[SD] 10; moreover, it is not right way to do it in a production environment.

    Are there any YaST/rug online installation sources for SLE[SD] 10?

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