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Paris Novell User’s Group

Jimmy Pierre of NUI Fr with Ted and ErinLast night, Erin and I presented to a group of various people from the Paris Linux Users Group and the Paris Novell Users Group. [Note to self: Try to schedule events in Paris before Bastille Day or after the French summer holidays.]

Jimmy Pierre, the fearless leader for NUI France helped us to organize the event, and the Novell office in Paris provided facilities. After the event, Jimmy and his lovely wife took us to a nice brasserie for dinner. (Alas, it turns out that a brasserie has nothing to do with brazieres! Go figure.)

    Favorite things about presenting in France? The French always have an excellent sense of humor. Especially when it comes to my poor ability to speak French and my American accent. (I’m not sure what this means, but I’m sure it’s a charming way of saying “nice try”: “Votre français est sympathiquement ‘correct’ !” –Jean-Claude Tavera.) Oh, and Champagne and aperatifs after the presentation!

    Today, we hang out in the Paris office doing some work abd speaking to colleagues. Then, on to LugRadio Live.


    6 Responses

    1. It was so nice and interresting night…

      A Few day ago, I told you about meeting with 2 System Engineers from Novell, it was thursday night and it was great….

    2. Thank you guys!
      It was great, you spoke with passion and I will be there next time (In fact, it’s for the t-shirt, girls love it!).

      Since I’m here, I think I made a mistake about the number I said for the numbers hits on the french developpers community site, but since you hadn’t had much sleep, I will maintain that you missheard an that I was right from the start. 😀
      There is the official version

    3. er, methinks brassieres, but a nice plug.

    4. Dude, NOA rocks. You’ll get no more snarky remarks from me about compelling desktop experiences.

      I atteneded a SLED 10 install fest and the experience was….compelling.

    5. Bone:
      Victory is mine! Bwuhahahaha!

      Seriously, though: thanks!

    6. Hey Sinarf,

      I am debriefing! We need to exchange links.

      I’ll talk to the Canadians, and other French speaking NUI as well.

      See you soon,

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