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Post from Nuremberg

SusamuraiThis is my first time back to the SUSE office in Nuremberg since the first time I came out about two years ago. It’s great being back.

Sonja Krause-Harder, a developer evangelist for openSUSE, did a spectacular job coordinating a huge number of interviews for Novell Open Audio. Erin and I have been talking pretty much non-stop since noon yesterday, and we don’t finish until noon tomorrow.

So far we have the following subjects and people recorded and ready for editing:

  • Multiplehardware platforms and SUSE Linux with Bodo Bauer and Ihno Krumreich
  • An AutoBuild overview with Rudi Oertel and Michael Schroeder
  • Quality Assurance testing details with Oliver Ries and Christian Hueller
  • Integrating SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop with Active Directory, as told to us by Lars Mueller
  • KDE development at SUSE with Stephan Kulow and Adrian Schroeter
  • The SWAMP project (Workflow Administration and Management Platform) with Thomas Schmidt

We still have three more interviews lined up today, and two more tomorrow morning.

Today, while having a quick meal with our friend Roman Drachtmueller (SUSE security architect), Erin briefly complained about his brain being full. We though he was just joking and had a brief laugh. But when his head suddenly exploded, pieces scattering all over the little Turkish lunchroom in which we were sitting, we realized how serious he actually was. After collecting the largest pieces in a box and profusely apologizing to the establishment’s owners, we quickly shuffled back to the office. Roman seemed uncertain of me as he explained that although most Germans speak English relatively well, they do not, in fact, have a king, which is why they all look at me so strangely every time I request someone where I might find all the king’s horses and all the king’s men.

Okay, maybe that last bit was just to see who is paying attention.


6 Responses

  1. Hi Ted + Erin, it was a nice experience for me to do the interview with you today.
    Hope the post-processing can get some useable parts from it 😉
    I think you guys really do a very good job and obviously have fun doing it!

  2. Ted, You talking non-stop!! Wow I find that hard to believe. hehe

  3. Thanks, Tom. I am quite certain that we will be able to!

  4. Ted, when are you folks coming to Finland/Sweden/Norway? I wan’t that darn Novell cap! 🙂

  5. I’d recommend duct tape to keep Erin’s head in check in future; always helps me.

  6. Thank You

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