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LinuxWorld and Novell Open Audio

We’re taking Novell Open Audio to LinuxWorld Expo in San Francisco!

In addition to the usual style of presentations that Novell does in the theater at the Novell booth on the exhibit floor, we plan to do two episodes of Novell Open Audio. Showtime looks like it will be 12:30 on both August 15 and 16th, where we will record an interview with an esteemed open source leader. We hope to take some audience questions, too.

On Tuesday, our guest will be the one and only Nat Friedman, renowned hacker and fearless engineering vice president over desktop Linux at Novell. On Wednesday, Samba man Jeremy Allison returns to Novell Open Audio to…well…to do that thing that Jeremy does (mostly yelling at hapless children).

Some of you may know that San Francisco was my sales terrirory when I worked in technical sales at Novell. And, I grew up in the Bay Area, too, so this is kind of a homecoming for me*. So, I’m hoping that some of members of NOBUG will come on up. (Shout out to Allan Hurst, one way or the other.)

If you want to come up and see the show, you can get a free exhibit hall pass here using the code N0257 to register.
*Actually, I hail from Sonova Beach, CA.


6 Responses

  1. When you talk with Jeremy, Would you ask how the Samba team (giving users the ability to share thier files) is working with or in parallel to the iFolder project? It seems to me that if Samba rolls in the iFolder sync, they could effectivly merge together.

    Thanks for the great shows!

  2. Chuck:
    Well, for that show, I’ll be taking questions from the live audience. I’ll see if I can get Jeremy to stoop so low as to comment on my time-wasting blog. 🙂

  3. Well if it helps, at the time this is supposed to be happening I’ll yell my question really loud from here in Baltimore and you can ‘clarify’ the question in case Jeremy doesn’t hear me for some reason.

  4. Firstly, I want to make it clear that I don’t yell at hapless children. I only yell at hapless children *on skateboards*, which is only the good and proper thing to do. After all, we don’t want them to grow up as criminals, do we !

    Ok, on to the question :-). The way to integrate this with Samba would be to write a Samba VFS plugin that syncs changes to an ifolder share (if I understand their technology correctly). iFolder could sync back to the Samba share and Samba would pick up the differences.

    Unfortunately I haven’t had time to work much on iFolder ‘cos I have so many demands on my time w.r.t. Samba (fixing bugs, adding features etc.). but I’d be happy to review any code anyone wanted adding to do this.


  5. Okay im going to step in as a Samba User ( on the Sysamin side ) and a iFolder user ( same side again ) ..

    Samba performs an excellent job for its design and purpose and I dont feel iFolder would be a benefit by bolting into it.

    Where iFolder and Samba have their strengths ( in configurations I have used ) is to enable roadwarriors to sync their ACT sync files with the main server , whilst core server users can access those syncs to update their own act databases. Here iFolder does the remote/local update process and file syncs which users are bad at doing. Samba handles the server access and control via the VPN ( openVPN or Hamachi ) and it works really realy well.

    Im not sure you need to intergrate either product since they are both achieving the perfect unix roles of doing one job and doing it well.

    just my 2cents!

    now .. hey TED wheres the Hair ?

  6. And a big shout-out back atcha, Rev!

    I’m lookin’ forward to seeing you at LinuxWorld!

    … Allan

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