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Shave Your Bacon

[Aug 3, this post is the 30th 24th 17th 15th 11th hottest (English language) post on WordPress.com. People are fascinated by Brother Jono’s chin!]
Alternate Titles for this post:

  • “Joe No-Beard”
  • “My Little Slice of Bacon”
  • “Chin. Not Beard.”


For those of you who missed LugRadio Live, I can attest to it having been, simultaneously, the most fun and most intense community: Linux event that I have every been attended…the kind of event from which you really want a souvenir.

Some took home new skills and techniques. Some took home Linux media to try out. Some took home severe hangovers.

Two SUSE/Novell adherents took home a Sony PSP, 1 GB memory module and game. One person took home a 60GB iPod. Two took home a very cool Swiss Army wristwatch. (Well, they didn’t take them home so much as won a commitment from me to send them these items. There was as DHL shipping delay that prevented the goods from arriving at the show.) These fine swag items were all courtesy of your pals at Novell. (That last sentence is what we call “pandering.”)

What did Erin and I take home from LugRadio Live? For a £55 donation to Amnesty International, we got to take home Jono Bacon’s beard. In the LR forums, the lovely JetLag Jen linked to the flickr photo pool for the event. Here are some de-bearding highlights.


Assessment & Preparation.

The Deed.

A Souvenir.

Jono, Without. (Aq, too.)

Your Right Reverend, With.


4 Responses

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  2. Up to 8th now.

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