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Linux Developers: Check out the Build Service

openSUSEIf you have not already looked into the openSUSE Build Service, you ought to give it a look. A few developers have started to, mostly those posting on PlanetSUSE.org, but it still remains a relatively undiscovered powertool for most.

The Build Service lets any open source developer use our build systems at Novell to automatically build his/her own packages for SUSE-based distributions–as well as Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian and several other distros. When your package does not build, you get notified as to why. As distro updates occur, your packages get rebuilt. You can even roll your own SUSE-based distro. All at no charge.

Frankly, having a service like this totally rocks for open source developers. I’m quite surprised that no one on the Linux press beat has yet to pick up on this.


4 Responses

  1. Fedora, not Red Hat 😉
    Mandriva is available as well.

    As far as SUSE Linux is concerned, you can build against 9.3, 10.0, 10.1, SLED/SLES 10 and against Factory, the bleeding edge SUSE Linux development trunk.

  2. Pascal:
    Thanks for the correction and additional info.

  3. “An account is currently only given to experienced and known packagers how can deal with the alpha state of the Build Service.”

    It’s not an entirely encouraging disclaimer.

    Ah – you must think I’m a complete whiner!

  4. bear454: Nope. You’re an INcomplete whiner. As your reverend, I advise you to go out and find yourself a Renee Zellweger. –T

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