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Lenovo preloads SUSE on ThinkPad

For those who had wondered whether Lenovo was a friend to Linux, as well as those who wondered when–if ever–Linux would ever become generally available as a pre-loaded OS from a major OEM, I encourage you to regard Lenovo now as the emergent leader. I use a ThinkPad T42p, and it has been an absolute champ with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10. So, thanks Lenovo!

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4 Responses

  1. Very good news indeed. I’d buy one if I had the cash. For now I’ll stick with my $550 Walmart laptop made by Chinese slave labor. Still this is awesome news.

  2. Pat:
    “$550 Walmart laptop made by Chinese slave labor” wins my quote of the day award!!

  3. So, I’ve been looking, but I can’t actually seem to find where I can order it on lenovo.com. Any pointers? Or just not ready yet?

  4. I’ll give you another quote of the day: “My $550 Walmart laptop is made in the same piece of shit factory as a $2000 Crapple”

    Enjoy your day! 🙂

    P.S. Ted would like to come on TLLTS for a few minutes to give us a quick run down of GUADEC and LUG Radio Live as well as your trip to Germany?

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