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Pimped-out Linux Demo Machine

After a few weeks of waiting, I finally have my laptop back, now custom-painted by ColorWare.

Last seen publicly during the UK LUG Tour, this laptop is a Dell Inspiron 9400 that originally came in white and silver. It’s now “envy” and “carbon,” with the SUSE warrior blazed on the hood.


The whole thing is base-painted this very cool green color.


And the cover that faces people when open has this uber-cool warrior chameleon, defender of Linux, champion of the SUSE user, and several other cliches along the lines of comic book super heroes.
I may later update this post with a video link. Until then, call me happy.

Me and My Laptop


23 Responses

  1. It’s too good for you! Pop back to Wolverhampton and I’ll look after it for you. πŸ™‚

  2. Which cost more, the laptop or the paint job?

  3. Peter: Meet me at the train station. I’ll be on the next one in!

    Tim: The laptop. Unless you count the creative work on the art. Then, the paint job.


  4. Hide the children! Ted is coming! (And Tim is following just behind…)

  5. Simply excellent πŸ™‚

  6. Ted, I waited at the station but you didn’t turn up?

    Did you know the link to colorware is wrong? It should be http://www.colorwarepc.com what a shame they don’t take international orders 😦

  7. Well i think it’s rubbish πŸ˜‰

  8. Great laptop!

    So when are you sending that out as a prize?:)

    Bad link to colorwarepc.com:(

  9. Nice art work. It kind of reminds me of a sweet paint job on a 69 Nova. It also reminds me of those customized California vans with water beds from the 70’s. All you need is furry mouse and you’re set!

  10. Peter: I said the next train!! πŸ™‚

    Paul: As I mentioned, the green color is called “envy” πŸ˜›

    Mary, I mean, Chuck: We have a samurai giveaway at LinuxWorld in San Francisco this year. It’s nice, but not a duplicate of the green machine.

    Pat: Furry Mouse! I knew I forgot something!


  11. I bet you was gutted that it wasn’t ready for LugRadio Live 2006?

  12. Peter: Indeed I was. –T

  13. Seeing as I cant have the Laptop and in the spirit of looking for freebies know anyone that has a similar Samurai with a Cannon?

  14. As Darth Vader would say: “Impressive.”

  15. So the $64,000 question is…. Where’s the pimped out Novell Open Audio demo iPod? It seems Colorware pimps those out as well. Or are you waiting for the next generation to come out?

  16. So is this foreshadowing your next Novell podcast “Pimp My Linux Laptop”?

  17. Ted, you lucky bastard! Fine piece of hardware with bling also on the outside πŸ™‚

    Where was this paint-job done? Will all of Novell’s corporate laptops look like this one from now on? πŸ˜‰

    Best regards…

    Mirco “MacSlow” MΓΌller

  18. jstrickland: – I agree. Ted where is my pimped out Novell Open Audio demo iPod?


  19. […] “Let me get this straight, Novell has jimmac and tigert on the payroll and you do this foul thing to that poor laptop? SLED10 is maybe the prettiest Linux ever and any laptop that gets graced with it’s presence should be you know.. nice to look at. Now where did I put my wallet so I can get a Tango compliant one.” […]

  20. Yeah where’s Erin’s pimped out NOA demo iPod!?!? At least with an iPod he can easily navigate the NOA episodes with his one good arm.

  21. You’re running XP on it though eh?

  22. Pete:
    Don’t get me started! πŸ™‚

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