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Ya Say Ya Wanna SUSE Wallpaper?

Well, you know, we all wanna change the world…

If you’re coming to LinuxWorld Expo, show me your SLED10 system sporting one of the new wallpapers. I might have a little something for you…

[Update #1: I asked the Novell web team to make a # bookmark, so the pic is now directly linked to the wallpapers. No more scroll down.]

[Update #2:  Thanks for all the enthusiastic comments about this. Some give me credit for making these. It’s the Novell design and events teams that deserve thanks and credit for the wallpapers. I merely blogged that they were now online. (Still, I love getting all the comments.)]


14 Responses

  1. How’s he going to kick the ball with only one leg?

  2. Sweet!! I have been waiting for these!!! Very nicely done!

  3. Tim: So the Microsoft Lobotomy has finally completed, eh?
    Rob: Glad you like ’em! –T

  4. Thanks for this man!

  5. Those Wallpapers are awesome, Ted!

  6. […] I’m so glad Ted Haeger posted this. I’ve been looking for good SUSE wallpapers. […]

  7. Definitely cooler than the Geico Gecko.

    Rock on!

  8. Ted – no lobotomy.. in reality, it *is* nice to see Novl getting some decent looking material out. I just thought he looks like he’s missing a leg.. You would know the lobotomy had taken over if I’d tried to draw inferences between his lack of a limb and the SuSE Operating system 😛

    I made a simple comment in good fun, and you had to go and drag our respective organizations into it… geez. 😉

  9. Tim-Well, I mean, look at the picture full size. He’s wound up for a kick. Sheesh! 🙂

  10. Those wallpapers look awesome. I only wish I could actually buy a Novell soccer ball :(.

  11. That’s stupid looking… and retarded

  12. ??? [12]: Thanks for stopping by, providing constructive dialog, and expressing your negativity in a way that also expresses your disregard toward people who have serious mental challenges. Not providing your email address or any other ID may keep me from knowing who you are, but you certainly know, and you’re the one who has to live with you. Full time.

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