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Comment on Custom Laptop

greenmachine_small.jpgThis anonymous Novell Open Audio comment made me laugh:

“Let me get this straight, Novell has jimmac and tigert on the payroll and you do this foul thing to that poor laptop? SLED10 is maybe the prettiest Linux ever and any laptop that gets graced with it’s presence should be you know.. nice to look at. Now where did I put my wallet so I can get a Tango compliant one.”

I guess you really cannot please everyone.

Above links added by me. jimmac is the great Jakub Steiner. tigert is the amazingly talented designer Tuomas Kuosmanen, who now works for Nokia.


8 Responses

  1. I myself don’t like bright colors but I still find it a beautifull laptop. 😉

  2. Thank you, Mark. You’re a decent human being.

  3. Bright colours. Good for parties. Has to be a certain /type/ of party though. Not suitable for the boardroom… [methinks]

  4. Roy: Fortunately, I don’t have to deal with the boardroom much any more. still have a ThinkPad, but I mostly chill with the geeks nowadays. 🙂

  5. It’s not the most hideous bling, don’t worry :). There’s some really tasteless bubblegum designs out there, but this one ain’t.

    I love the actual artwork a lot. Perhaps the light grey shadow on the dark background isn’t the best idea, but …

  6. Jakub, if you ever want to design me a gorilla-themed laptop, just let me know, and we’ll show Ted how to really roll in style 🙂

  7. I was sure I left my name in that comment, regardless I might as well fess up..

    Not that I think the paintjob is all that bad, it just clashes with the beauty that is the SLED10 theme.

    I’d love to own a Tango compliant laptop.. then again I’d love to own a laptop that’s not 6 years old and graced with ugly Toshiba default smoke colored plastic foulness. Baby steps.

    My apologies to tigert, I forgot he moved to Nokia, he does great work on the 770 these days.

  8. I like it. Experiment next time with blue color, with blue suse wallpaper.

    I’d love to have one such. I’d even go to boardrooms and meetings with such notebook.

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