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What, me? Fanboy?

Don Marti seems to think I’m perhaps a bit over-the-top about SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop:

Ted Haeger (owner of a tricked-out SUSE-fanboy Dell) was in full Demo Madman mode yesterday, showing off a Novell contribution to OpenOffice.org that enables VBA macros to run (with an appropriate security warning) — then he and his team put up a brave iguana[sic]-throwing effort at Golden Penguin Bowl, narrowly losing to the Ubunteros [sic].

Point taken, Don. The effectiveness of the sad clown archetype is badly underrated and due for a comeback anyway. From now on my advocacy role models shall be Droopy Dog and recently deposed Senator Joseph Lieberman.


4 Responses

  1. I saw you at GLLUG a while back, Ted, and I must say, I much prefer your “enthusiastic” style to the more sober approaches of other presenters…

    Don’t know if the Droopy Dog approach would work much (but would be interesting to watch you try).

    Guess you can’t please everyone…

  2. Best demo at LinuxWorld by a long way. Every seat full plus standing room only in the aisle.

    (I worked one trade show booth next to an “enthusiastic” presenter who really had nothing to say except trying to get people to yell “E-Business” really loud and he would throw them a T-shirt. But this was an enthusiastic demo that actually showed off something useful. LinuxWorld needs more like this.)

  3. Don:
    As always, thanks for the props. 😉 But why didn’t you come up and say hello? I’ve wanted to meet you since waaay back when we first exchanged some comments some 18 months ago!

  4. Ted, I was around but you were always busy — when are you going to be in the Bay Area again?

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